EVA STARIK, a 70-year old Holocaust survivor born in Transylvania, is the head teacher and driving force at the beauty academy. After the sudden death of her husband, the former beauty queen and army truck driver instructor returns to the profession she loves and discovers that taking others under her wings brings meaning back into her life.


DEBBY OSHIN has left her 12-year-old daughter behind in Nigeria to seek her fortune on another continent. Despite the language and cultural barriers she confronts, not to mention the threat of deportation, she is determined to distinguish herself as an outstanding student.


RAHELI ZILBERMAN has yet to overcome the tragic death of her husband in a terrorist attack. At the academy, she discovers both an opportunity to turn a page in her life and the support system she needs.


ANNA AHRONOV, an immigrant from Kazakhstan began her hairdressing career at age 10 under the tutelage of her grandmother. Teaching and interacting with her students at the academy provide a welcome diversion from her battle with breast cancer.


ZEHAVA GINDHI, a 54-year-old grandmother, is seeking new direction in life after undergoing a mastectomy and decides to turn a longtime hobby into a profession.  The experience she shares with Anna creates a special bond between the two.


VU THUY LINH has left her native Vietnam after falling in love with an Israeli intelligence officer. Even though the religious authorities refuse to let her marry him because she is not Jewish, she is determined to make a life for herself in her newly adopted homeland and find a vocation.


ADINA OWAKA, an immigrant from Ethiopia, was forced to start working at the age of 14 to help support her family when her mother fell ill and her father lost his eyesight. Three months after she begins her studies at the beauty academy, her mother dies and she suffers a major setback.


IRINA SHAVER, an immigrant from Russia, works full time scrubbing other people’s floors and toilets while she attends the academy. Struggling to balance her long work hours with her studies at the academy, she questions whether all the effort is worth it.